UNIFI-IX launches internet exchange in Dublin

08 December 2016 | James Pearce

Unifi-Ix has launched a new internet exchange in Dublin, making it the fourth city to be connected to its 100G network.

The company has invested €600,000 into the new international exchange, which will offer cloud, internet and content services.

UNIFI-IX’s network connects with four Telehouse data centres in London, an Equinix site in Manchester, and another data centre in Birmingham. The new exchange will be used to link two Equinix’s Dub2 and Dub3 sites in Dublin.

It is also set to go live in France, Germany and the Netherlands by the end of January 2017. It is also set to establish points of presence in New York, Dallas, North Virginia and Dubai by the end of May 2017.

It offers switching capacity of 13Tbps and offers a range of speeds, from 100Mbps through copper to fibre 100G.

“Our new infrastructure will significantly reduce the number of steps needed to interconnect major cloud, internet and content services,” explained Tom Sanders, managing director of UNIFI-IX.

“This will provide a huge benefit to consumers, who will see an improvement in the performance of their online applications.”