Megacable, Maxcom sign $12.9m telecoms services deal

06 October 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

Maxcom will no longer provide voice, data and video services in the cities of Queretaro, Tehuacan, and Puebla, but reach $12.9 million deal with Megacable to maintain services.

Mexican operator Maxcom made the announcement in a statement to the Mexican Stock Exchange but Megacable will pay $12.9 million to maintain the telecommunication services to Maxcom's residential customers in the three cities.

The agreement was signed “to ensure continuity in the supply of a utility of public interest such as telecommunications services, and to ensure that the customers continue receiving the services that were previously agreed with Maxcom,” stated a company announcement.

“This transaction represents an important step in the implementation of the strategic plan, whose main focus is to expand the presence of the company in the commercial business.”