BIG DATA SPECIAL REPORT: 4 big data projects to watch

15 July 2016 |

Carriers and enterprises alike are looking to tap into the booming big data market. Agnes Stubbs looks at four launches and partnerships in the space


What: Test and monitoring services provider Ayscom partnered with Procera Networks in May 2016 to gain access to Procera’s eVolution product line to create a fully virtualised suite. 

Procera’s virtual subscriber experience probe, eVolution, serves as a real-time big data collection engine for network and subscriber intelligence. The probe is said to inspect traffic and streaming information, storing it in the insights database where it can be exported via open database connectivity.

What they say: “Service providers are constantly looking for the best virtualised analytics tools to drive their big data projects,” said Federico Hornillos, engineering director at Ayscom. “Being part of Procera’s Premier Partner programme, and having access to its eVolution technology, gives Ayscom the ability to offer more comprehensive network and subscriber intelligence for our service provider and enterprise customers.”

HGC_Corporate Logo_E

What: HGC’s big data exchange (BDX) is a content exchange platform for OTTs, content providers and network operators to reach customers via multiple networks to enhance application performance and end user experience.

The platform is peered with global carrier networks, data centres and internet exchanges, as well as HGC’s IPX platform. 

What they say: “With its one-stop BDX Service Operation Centre service, HGC BDX also goes well beyond traditional hosting and co-location. The professional IT service not only handles network operations but also a broad range of requirements, including system, hardware and software configuration, patch installation, OS tweaking and application server tuning,” said the company.


What: NetScout is to launch its big data product in August 2016 which will see the release of two services - business intelligence (BI)  for service providers and custom adaptive service intelligence (ASI). 

What they say: The next generation of analysis will learn how to derive real value from services such as video and IoT, said Jim McNiel, CMO of NetScout, told Capacity. “There is serious money hiding in the insights that can be derived from packet data coursing through carrier networks.”

Its BI product is the “big data technology stack that allows carriers to extract, transfer and load [network state] data into any analytics tool. This technology will help deliver deeper and faster insights into network traffic, services and users, and thus, result in new and more compelling revenue streams for carriers,” he said. Of custom ASI, McNiel said: “Today’s carrier networks are filled with diverse services that leverage multiple data sources and apps to deliver a singular experience. Custom ASI monitors allow carries to watch and manage all of the services they care about.”

telefonica china unicom

What: The companies announced a joint venture in January 2016 to provide big data services in China, utilising Telefónica’s technology. 

Telefónica’s Smart Steps technology is designed to provide locationbased insights and other big data related services. Both operators will deploy the technology in areas such as transportation, urban planning, tourism management and public security.

What they say: “Smart Steps service will further improve China Unicom’s deployment in the big data market and enhance China Unicom’s market influence in this area. For Telefónica, the joint venture enables access to the tremendous potential of the big data market of China – the second largest economy in the world,” said the companies.