Sparkle enhances GéANT network connectivity between Europe and Algeria

29 June 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

Sparkle is to enhance GéANT’s network connectivity with a 2.5Gbps circuit from Marseille, France, to Annaba in Algeria.

The global operator has provided network solutions with the EU research and education networking organisation since 2002. Algeria’s national Research & Education network, ARN currently interconnects over 800,000 users at 124 research and academic institutions across Algeria.

Through its interconnection to GÉANT’s pan-European network, ARN enables researchers, academics and students in Algeria to participate in world-class international research and educational activities in areas such as high-energy physics and earth observation.

Sparkle has reinforced connectivity among education and research centres located in different countries including India, Tunisia, Malta, Morocco, Egypt, Cyprus, and Greece. Algeria has been part of GÉANT since 2004.