Telstra to invest €167m in network

29 June 2016 |

Telstra will spend €167 million (A$250 million) in its network over the next six to 12 months to improve its resiliency and reliability following a spate of outages earlier this year.

Of the investment, $50 million will be spent on improving mobile network resiliency by creating better real-time monitoring and speeding up recovery time, $100 million on increasing the core fixed-line network’s reliability and resiliency and an additional $100 million on boosting its ADSL broadband capacity to meet demands.

The measures are a result of an end-to-end review of its core network and IT systems.  

"All network operators around the world face the risk of disruptions whether they be the consequence of weather, accidental damage, hardware or other failures," said Telstra CEO Andy Penn.

"What I am committed to though is continuing to invest in building the durability and capability of our network, and in our ability to respond quickly if things do go wrong to minimise the impact on customers.” 

Mike Wright, managing director of networks at Telstra Group, said the company has assessed how it can put increased levels of redundancy in the core that is already highly redundant. He added: “We look at areas where we can even improve that for some of the extreme cases, because what we're really trying to do is protect against events that might happen on the network.”

"And the other area where we're looking to do is we're actually going to bring forward some next-generation technologies and get them into the core network earlier, because we know those technologies can scale a lot more quickly, they have better instrumentation, and we think they'll give us a bit of means with making the core network more reliable," he said.