Telin achieves the ‘Wholesale Service Innovation’ Award

27 June 2016 | Natalie Bolger

The innovative business scheme, New Equilibrium for Wholesale Voice Business, developed by Telin and implemented with Maxis as operator partners, has won the Wholesale Service Innovation award category in the tenth Global Telecoms Business Telecoms Innovation and Technology Awards. Co-sponsored feature: Telin

Telin InnovationAwards

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday evening, 25 May 2016, at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, London – a prestigious annual event to commemorate innovative collaboration between vendors and operators.

The event was organised by GTB, one of the Euromoney group’s leading publications for global telecommunications service providers. This event was essential to expand the global telecommunications industry.

On this occasion, the chief executive officer of Telin, Syarif Syarial Ahmad, was accompanied by the chief marketing officer of Telin, S.P. Natigor Sitorus, who represented Maxis. The awards were presented to them by Jason McGee-Abe and Agnes Stubbs, GTB’s representatives.

The award is not Telin’s first. Total Telecom, the subsidiary of Terrapinn that organises global telecommunications conferences and other activities, named it as Most Innovative Wholesaler 2015. Telin has proven its capability as an innovative wholesaler and has shown it is capable of organising the wholesale voice service market to cease the decline of legacy business and of derivative second business, thus creating second curve. The mature industry situation, along with rapid technological development, price erosion, and intense competition, demands Telin to keep innovating.

The new equilibrium is an innovative business scheme to re-profile traffic models through organic-to-organic collaboration to increase partners’ organic carrier traffic – that is, carriers with retail traffic.

This scheme offers revenue cap, revenue/volume commitment, an attractive tiering base, bilateral accounting rates, as well as detection of collaboration and grey route minimisation. Telin prioritises retail business support on both sides, hence operator partners have financing flexibility, quality and capacity control, and revenue assurance improvement.

From 2011 to 2015, the growth of inbound traffic to Indonesia decreased from 19.24% to 2.8%. But since the model was implemented, Telin has successfully pushed traffic growth back to 13.9% from 2015. Additionally, the revenue growth has reached 5.5%, where the market’s average achievement was only 2.6%.

“In maintaining the wholesale voice traffic business, Telin has not only implemented the New Equilibrium innovation, but also continually strives to create other innovations,” Syarif said after receiving the award.

Natigor added: “This business scheme innovation is expected to become a role model in the industry because it is excellent in providing the benefits to operator partners in running a retail business, which supported by the wholesale business.”

Leading operators and vendors in telecommunications participated in the awards ceremony – such as PCCW Global, SK Telecom, Globe Telecom, BY, Airtel, Orange, Vodafone, Verizon, Zain, Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE and Syniverse. They competed in five awards categories – mobile infrastructure innovation, consumer service innovation, wholesale service innovation, business service innovation, and fixed infrastructure innovation. 

A series of evaluations carried out by the judges consisted of industry experts and media to consider the effectiveness based on innovation implementation and superior benefits to the industry.

This achievement represents an honoured accomplishment to Telin’s success at an international level and as part of Telkom Group.