Megafon completes fibre deployment in Rostov

24 June 2016 |

Megafon, the Russian mobile operator, has finished its deployment of the backbone network in the Rostov region ahead of schedule.

Megafon built  280km of fibre city backbone rings in Donetsk, Novocherkassk, Novoshakhtinsk, Salsk, Rostov, Shakhty, Taganrog and Volgodonsk.

The backbone rings are connected to Megafon’s federal backbones. The new infrastructure is intended to help increase 3G and LTE internet speeds, as well as the improve the reliability of the network. The capacity of the new lines is 10 Gbps.

Megafon owns 4,000 km fibre backbone rings connecting 11 cities and towns in the region. Over 500 of the operators base stations are connected to its own regional infrastructure.