MegaFon claims over 1Gbps in 5G trial

20 June 2016 |

MegaFon has demonstrated speeds of over 1Gbps through carrier aggregation and MIMO.

The operator aggregated two 20MHz bands in its 2.6GHz spectrum and one 20MHz band at 1.8MHz. The trial took place in St Peterburg, using Huawei tower and radio equipment.

β€œThe new 5G standard will make mobile even more affordable. Subscribers will get a lot more services for less money,” said Sergey Soldatenkov, acting CEO of MegaFon.

β€œOur company was the first in Russia to launch a 3G mobile network in 2008 and an LTE network in 2012. 5G is the next stage in mobile technology and offers a radically new level of service and capabilities for our customers.”

MegaFon and Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to deliver trial 5G  network services at the Fifa World Cup 2018.