TIM activates carrier 4G network in Brazil

17 June 2016 | Jason McGee-Abe

TIM Brasil has rolled out 4G technology on the 700MHz frequency band in Rio Verde, a municipality with around 207,000 inhabitants.

The news comes after analogue TV signals were switched off in the city on March 1, 2016. TIM Brasil says this was an important step in the evolution of internet quality in Brazil as it will be used to offer 4G broadband services. TIM can employ carrier aggregation, combining spectrum in the 700MHz, 1800MHz and 2.5GHz bands to boost speeds and capacity.

"The operating frequency of 700 MHz is strategic for the expansion and improvement of coverage of our 4G network. Thus, you can reach more people and offer our customers more quality shipping in the fourth generation, "says Leonardo Capdeville, CTO of TIM Brasil.

TIM acquired the right to operate on the frequency after winning one of the Anatel auctions in January 2014. The next city to switch off its analogue TV signal transmissions is Brasilia on October 26, 2016.