Q&A: Przemysaw Gagala, international sales director, Hawe Telekom

14 June 2016 |

Przemysaw Gagala, international sales director, Hawe Telekom shares the company's developments in the region with Capacity

What have been the highlights and key developments for your company in the region in the past year? Przemyslaw Gagala Hawe Telekom

Hawe Telekom continues to employ the “Carriers’ Carrier” strategy, taking advantage of our countrywide dark fibre network in Poland. We see sturdy demand from our domestic customers – both long-standing and new. In the last year we also successfully increased revenues from our international cross-border interconnections, contributing to the constantly growing position of Warsaw as an international data hub.

What are the challenges of operating in the Eastern European market and how are you looking to tackle those challenges?

With the constantly growing scale of our operations we need to periodically overhaul and improve our procedures and tools to maintain high operational effectiveness and keep costs to a reasonable level. 

Planned network upgrades, including new DWDM system and selective metro network expansion, will let us respond more quickly to our customers’ needs and expectations regarding data transmission pricing.

What are your strategic priorities as well as expansion plans for the region in 2017? 

Our new dense wavelength division multiplexing system (DWDM), which should also cover the currently unlit sections of our dark fibre network is our priority. DWDM is a technology that aligns data from different sources together on one optical fibre, with each signal carried at the same time on its own separate light wavelength. Using DWDM more that 80 (and possibly more) separate channels of data can be multiplexed into a lightstream transmitted on a single optical fibre.

What major trends do you see occurring in the Eastern European market this year and how do you plan to capitalise on those?

On the domestic market we already benefit from the new demand for DF generated by the availability of the recently commissioned Regional Broadband Networks (RSSS). Moreover, we also have more and more customers purchasing from Hawe Telekom more than one fibre pair in the same network section – typically for the long distance and distribution networks. 

As far as the international market is concerned in the last two years the route via Belarus and Poland has significantly increased its share of the total Moscow-Frankfurt transit.

What does your organisation hope to achieve by attending Capacity Eastern Europe 2016?

For our business, this is a perfect event, which lets us see and be seen. There is also an obvious practical benefit – the ability to meet a lot of the right people in a short space of time.