Batelco and GCCIA launch BGN cable system

14 June 2016 |

Batelco has launched the Batelco Gulf Network (BGN) in cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA).

Running over the GCCIA power grid, the BGN terrestrial fibre optic cable system is said to span 1,400km, providing high bandwidth and capacity connectivity to all GCC countries. Batelco will be solely managing the network.

“Batelco is investing in the new system and also highly reliable equipment to operate and maintain it, as part of our endeavours in developing world class networking services to support the Kingdom’s efforts and promote Bahrain as a hub for innovative communications services,” said Batelco CEO Muna Al Hashemi.

“Once complete, the BGN will facilitate the introduction of new and innovative services which will greatly boost Bahrain’s and the GCC’s communications capabilities and enhance the development of businesses as well as provide opportunities for new businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” she added.

The BGN cable can be interconnected with other regional cables to provide connectivity to Europe and Asia as well as other major landing stations within the regions. In addition the cable is to be built over the optical transport network (OTN), providing an alternative to carriers to help enable them to cost effectively meet the increasing demands of wholesale capacities.

GCCIA CEO Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim said: “We are confident that this network shall enhance telecoms services for the Kingdom of Bahrain, and look forward to further our collaboration and partnership with Batelco.”