Djibouti Telecom and Syniverse sign deal for roaming services

10 June 2016 |

Djibouti Telecom has expanded its relationship with Syniverse to deliver a range of services for performance analysis, forecasting and budget management and fraud protection.

The deal – said to “build on a multiyear relationship”– will enable the state-owned operator to gain visibility into its network and manage its end-users’ experiences while protecting the network from fraud. 

“With mobile users having more choices than ever before and with the demand for mobile service only increasing, it’s critical for us to continually deliver value to our customers wherever they travel with their mobile devices,” said Mohamed Assoweh Bouh, general director of Djibouti Telecom. 

Syniverse's roaming data analysis-visibility service is said to provide a real-time, ‘single-view’ access to roaming performance data while its forecasting and budget management-optimiser claims to automate the planning, forecasting and budget process to help enable Djibouti Telecom’s roaming interoperator tariff (IOT) discount negotiations to be more profitable. Syniverse’s roaming fraud protection is said to provide the operator with a managed service consisting of an analyst team and a cloud-based application that monitors roaming data globally 24 hours around the clock. 

The deal between the two operators will further expand Syniverse’s presence in East Africa and a growing national market with over 333,000 mobile connections.

Nour Al Atassi, regional vice president and managing director of Middle East and Africa at Syniverse, said: “Syniverse will enable Djibouti Telecom to meet this demand by delivering the highest level of roaming service to its customers. We look forward to helping Djibouti Telecom to more seamlessly connect to the largest number of operators, manage IOTs and budget more accurately, and minimise the growing threat of fraud."