China Mobile and ZTE claim ‘world’s largest’ NFV network

07 June 2016 |

China Mobile has officially initiated the commercialisation of ZTE’s rich communication services network, which it claims to be the largest network functions virtualisation (NFV) IMS network globally.

As part of the agreement, ZTE is working with China Mobile to build the virtual IP multimedia subsystem (vIMS) based RCS project. The vendor won the tender in October 2014 to become system integrator of the project.

“ZTE’s RCS converged communication system re-defines basic communication services allowing China Mobile to build new calling, messaging and contact services,” said Gong Dehua, VP of ZTE’s core network product line. “It also allows the upgrading of traditional voice and messaging service experiences, realising new information service platforms with open capabilities and channels.”

China Mobile is said to have already launched the IMS network in its existing network. Building RCS in an NFV-based vIMS platform standardises uniform equipment, enables service and hardware decoupling and automatic deployment, according to ZTE. Doing so will shorten service deployment and expansion periods and help operators to reduce the total cost of ownership, the company claims. 

The vendor will provide an RCS open gateway to GSMA specifications which is said to completely enable service engine capabilities, provide an external interface, support easy access to third-party applications and allow operators to expand into other verticals.