STC signs contract with Intelsat for satellite services

31 May 2016 |

Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC) has signed a contract with Intelsat for satellite services.

The additional connectivity from the Intelsat 15 satellite is said to enable STC to grow its very small aperture terminal (VSAT) services for corporate networks in the banking, government, and oil and gas sectors in Saudi Arabia. 

“Throughout our long-term relationship, Intelsat has demonstrated they understand our need and allow us to advance our business with growth capacity that seamlessly integrates with our expansive network,” said Walid Al Wabel, general manager of operations management at STC. “Together, this has enabled STC’s customers to upgrade and expand the reach of their networks in response to growing end user demand throughout Saudi Arabia.” 

STC is presently already using four additional satellites from Intelsat’s globalised network to provide connectivity for its corporate customers. 

Shahrokh Amiri, Intelsat’s director of sales at the Middle East and North Africa, said: “Our solutions will enable STC to meet current broadband demands, provide the scale necessary to expand its subscriber base and ultimately, drive growth for its business.”