Telstra sacks chief technology officer Vish Nandlall

27 May 2016 |

Telstra has sacked its chief technology officer Vish Nandlall after it was alleged that he had falsified his CV and plagiarised presentations.

Nandlall’s departure from the operator this week comes after a 21-month stint where he was responsible for the operator’s IT system and technology road map. He was most recently also in charge of Telstra's positioning in OTT and digital services.  

He was previously CTO, head of strategy and marketing at Ericsson North America between 2009 and 2014. According to his LinkedIn profile, he served as CTO at Extreme Networks and Nortel Network.   

Ex-Microsoft Stephen Elop who joined Telstra in April 2016 as group executive of technology, innovation and strategy is the present technology head on its management board.