Deutsche Telekom to go all-IP across Europe by 2018

24 February 2016 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

Deutsche Telekom is to convert all its German network to all-IP by the end of 2018, following an all-IP roll-out in its eastern European operations.

The transformation will follow the principles of Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net, the Bratislava-based subsidiary which has been heading the project for eastern Europe.

“We have already finished four countries in eastern Europe and we will complete our entire footprint including Germany by the end of 2018,” said Claudia Nemat, DT’s board member for Europe and technology.

The complete Pan-Net solution, which allows services to be rolled out from a central point, will extend to all DT’s European fixed and mobile network, from the Netherlands to Greece, by 2020, Nemat told Capacity, speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The services will be rolled out to the public under the brand Magenta One – because of the colour of DT’s logo – except in Greece, where the name will be Cosmote One. “We are having to shut down 600 legacy systems,” she added.

Services to be offered will include TV, cloud, security, smart homes and mobile video.

The German network represents €22 billion in annual revenue for DT, compared with €13 billion in the rest of Europe. Greece is the biggest non-German operation, with €4 billion annual revenue.