du partners Huawei for T-SDN

23 February 2016 |

du and Huawei have launched what they claim to be the world’s first commercial transport software-defined network (T-SDN) on the host network.

A bandwidth on demand (BoD) application is said to have been deployed between data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the T-SDN network. Under the structure, introducing technologies such as SDN enable carriers to respond to and implement service transformation. 

The T-SDN network provides functions such as intelligent optical-layer commissioning, fault simulation and centralised route computation which significantly streamlines network operation and facilitate future automated network operation, said the companies. 

The announcement follows a series of improvements in the region, including the deployment of the first 400G OTN network in the Middle East. 

“The introduction of T-SDN adds to many of our others firsts and accomplishments on the network front in the UAE. The T-SDN network jointly deployed with Huawei will effectively enable us to streamline network O&M and accelerate service provisioning,” said Jasim AlAwadi, vice president of network infrastructure and services at du. 

By constructing a T-SDN network with Huawei, du is said to have achieved accelerated service connections while fully utilising network resources. In addition, the BoD service provided by the. T-SDN network is designed to implement more flexible data centre service scheduling and improve user experience while managing services through effective bandwidth optimisation. 

Huawei's Gao Ji, president of the Huawei transport network product line, said: "The successful deployment of du's T-SDN network is an important milestone in host network evolution. It fully releases network potential and provides assurance for accelerating carrier service provisioning and improving user experience."