Claro and Altice Group to invest $400 million in Dominican Republic

17 February 2016 |

Three major telcos in the Dominican Republic are expected to invest $400 million (18.2 billion pesos) in the country’s infrastructure this year, according to the country’s regulator Indotel.

Altice Group, which operates Orange and Tricom, will invest 6.2 billion pesos towards network upgrades while Claro will invest over 12 billion pesos. Altice is the country’s second largest operator after Claro.

Altice’s investment – reportedly 1.6% higher than last year – is said to be focussed at deploying fibre optic broadband speeds of 100Mbps to 200,000 homes, as well as bringing 3G and 4G network to the country. Claro’s investment is also targeted at expanding the scope of its LTE network.  

The country's government has launched a series of initiatives to provide telecoms services to the underserved, such as its recently announced broadband connectivity project aimed at serving remote areas with precarious infrastructure.