Q&A: David Geary, head of legal and regulatory, Digicel

15 February 2016 |

Digicel has stated its intention to move from a pure telecoms operator to that of a communications and entertainment provider. Capacity speaks to David Geary, its head of legal and regulatory, about its strategic priorities for 2016 as well as its ambitions in enterprise services such as cloud and M2M.

What have been the highlights for Digicel Business in the Caribbean in the past year? 


The last year has seen us evolving from a pure mobile communications provider into a total communications and entertainment provider. Highlights of this transformation have been the continuous growth of our business, the launch of our pan-Caribbean and global connectivity network (Digicel Global Connect) with 24 PoPs in the region and 1,000’s of global drop off points; the development of our Global Carrier Services business which sits within Digicel Business; the exceptional growth in enterprise fixed telephony and early success in our cloud services offering and  lastly achieving leading vendor accreditations across all areas.

What new opportunities have you been exploring across the region?
There are too many to mention but fundamentally it’s all about enabling enterprise organisations in the region to compete. In our determination to bring choice to customers in the region, we have launched a number of new offerings in terms of sub-sea cabling, fibre to the business, fibre to the home, cloud services, telephony and M2M. Underpinning all of these new opportunities is our investment in the network and in transmission capabilities.

What markets are of most interest for Digicel in the region and why? 
In truth, all of our markets are equally important as we believe that, no matter where the customer is or what size their business is, they deserve to have access to the very best globally available solutions. As such, we are building our capabilities in consumer services like mobile, TV and broadband and in enterprise services like connectivity, ICT, cloud, telephony and M2M. We are active in most markets across the region with the exceptions of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba. 

What are your strategic priorities for the region in 2016?
Our focus for 2016 will be to continue to bring choice and global technology solutions in terms of connectivity, cloud, telephony, M2M and managed services to our end customers and carriers serving end customers in the region. We will also be deploying network capability to support our strategic objectives through partnering and strategic relationship development.

What do you hope to achieve by attending Capacity Caribbean 2016?
We’re looking to use the event to share the capabilities and potential of Digicel Business with our customers, carrier partners and competitors throughout the region, and to continue the rapid evolution of services that are available to businesses and business suppliers in the region with a view to further driving competitiveness and socio economic development in the areas in which we live, work and play. We will also be taking the opportunity to network with carriers and suppliers of strategic assets.