Telekom Austria to spend €750m on capex in 2016

10 February 2016 | Alan Burkitt-Gray

Telekom Austria, which is almost 60% owned by América Móvil of Mexico, will spend €750 million on capital expenditure, the company has confirmed.

The figure is slightly down on the 2015 figure of €780 million, which was a 3% increase on the previous year. Most of that figure – around €450 million – was spent in Austria, where the company owns both fixed and mobile networks.

Sales grew 1.3% to just over €4 billion, with profit reaching €392 million in 2015.

Meanwhile the whole América Móvil said that its capex in 2015 was $8.7 billion, but the company did not give a figure for its planned 2016 expenditure.

Alejandro Plater, who became CEO of the Telekom Austria group in 2015, said: “We must invest in infrastructure, new technologies and know-how.”

Telekom Austria has 20 million mobile customers in Austria and in its eastern European markets, and 3.3 million fixed lines, mostly in Austria.

América Móvil said that it had 286 million mobile customers in 2015 and provided 81 million fixed lines.