Deutsche Telekom and Nokia demonstrate XG-FAST technology

02 February 2016 |

Deutsche Telekom has teamed up with Nokia in a laboratory trial of XG-FAST technology.

The pair aimed to prove that service providers could use XG-FAST – fixed ultra-broadband access technology – to deliver high quality internet services over their existing copper networks.

“Working on this demonstration we can see the future possibilities of XG-FAST in maximising existing assets,” said Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Deutsche Telekom CTO.

“This will provide another technology option which could enable us to offer high-speed connectivity to our customers quickly and cost-effectively, and at the same time, move our fibre infrastructure closer to our customers.”

The lab trial was conducted at Deutsche Telekom’s cable laboratory in Darmstadt, Germany, by Nokia’s newly acquired subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent.

It generated data throughput speeds of more than 10Gbps which is roughly 200 times faster than average residential broadband connection speeds.

“As a global leader in ultra-broadband fixed access we are offering operators a mix of fibre and copper technologies to deploy high-quality services more quickly and cost-effectively,” said Federico Guillén, president of fixed networks at Nokia.

“The XG-FAST trial with Deutsche Telekom represents an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to extend the potential of copper for delivering ultra-fast speeds, while also bringing fibre closer to residential and business users.”