Bristol to become UK’s next Gigabit City

14 January 2016 |

CityFibre has today revealed that Bristol is to become the UK’s next Gigabit City with the deployment of a commercial 82km pure fibre network in and around the city.

The launch follows CityFibre’s acquisition of Kcom’s national fibre network in December 2015, and the company hopes to create a state-of-the-art alternative digital infrastructure in Bristol.

CityFibre has partnered with local ISP Triangle Networks for the launch, which has committed a minimum of 100 new customers on the network by the end of 2016.

“We’re delighted to be able to announce Bristol as our next Gigabit City project and to be working with Triangle Networks, experts and innovators in business connectivity, to ensure its success,” said Greg Mesch, CEO at CityFibre.

“Bristol is already a UK leader in digital innovation, but its business community has not yet had the opportunity to take full-advantage. This project provides that opportunity and I could think of nowhere more exciting to begin our latest project.”

The project will focus on providing “Gigabit-speed-as-standard” services to businesses across Bristol, and it is due to officially launch next month.

“We have been watching demand for ultra-fast services grow exponentially in recent years and this project has the potential to unlock a tide of demand for faster, more resilient and more affordable services,” said Paul Anslow, MD at Triangle Networks.

“As this is a pure fibre network, Triangle will be launching services that are ‘Gigabit-speed-as-standard’, far faster than those possible on ‘Fibre to the cabinet’ networks that are still restricted by the limitations of copper wires. This enables businesses to stop concerning themselves with bandwidth restrictions and start to make the most of new ways of working that will improve their experience and drive the bottom line.”

In March last year, CityFibre revealed plans to transform Edinburgh, Scotland into a Gigabit City.