Nigeria-Cameroon cable goes live

12 January 2016 |

The Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System (NCSCS) has now gone live, connecting Lagos, Nigeria and Kribi, Cameroon.

The 1,100km route is designed to address growing the demand for reliable broadband connectivity in Cameroon and is the result of a tripartite partnership between MainOne, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in Cameroon and Huawei Marine Networks.

“This is an excellent addition to our network and is added proof of our commitment to expand broadband, improve quality and drive down cost of internet services in West Africa,” said Kazeem Oladepo, MainOne’s regional executive for West Africa.

“As part of our strategy to boost West Africa’s economic and commercial development, we will continue to make deliberate and significant investments in connectivity projects that will facilitate increased access to broadband.”

The NCSCS will allegedly deliver capacity of up to 12.8Tbps to broadband users in Cameroon and is being lit with 40Gb capacity from day one.

It has also been designed with the potential to expand further into Nigeria – including to the Delta state, Akwa Ibom state and Rivers state – in a bid to bridge the technology gap between Southern and the rest of Nigeria.

“The proposed extension of our submarine system to the Niger Delta region is particularly important for further development of the oil producing region of Nigeria, and will aid the region’s rapid transition from an oil-dependent economy to a knowledge-focussed one,” Oladepo said.

Huawei Marine began work on the NCSCS roll-out in August 2015 and completed it in September.