BICS doubles voice businesses in Caribbean, South and Central America

20 November 2015 |

The volume of minutes used across BICS’ network in the Caribbean and Central and South America has doubled in the last two years, the company has revealed.

The growth allegedly follows the establishment of an additional 40 interconnects to the BICS global network in the region, including customers in Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Chile.

“By establishing direct interconnections in the region with all major incumbents, MNOs and groups, BICS is able to guarantee the premium quality services to carriers both within the region and for partners around the world,” said Brian Troesch, VP of sales for the Americas at BICS.

BICS works with 80% of major operators in the region, and its increased presence sees operators in Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia able to benefit from its services.

“BICS sees great potential in this market and anticipates it will become one of fastest growing sectors of our business in the coming year,” Troesch said.

“As one of the world’s largest and most innovative wholesale carriers, BICS has the expertise to truly revolutionise the telecoms industry in the Americas in terms of coverage provision, international interconnect and through providing services to enable operators to quickly launch next generation services.”