CenturyLink selects Nuage Networks SDN technology

11 November 2015 |

CenturyLink has selected Nuage Networks’ software defined networking (SDN) technology to provide networking functionality for the US operator’s programmable services backbone (PSB) network architecture.

Nuage Networks is an Alcatel-Lucent venture focussed on SDN solutions, and its technology will enable CenturyLink’s PSB to deliver cloud control, more efficient operations and comprehensive security.

CenturyLink’s PSB is a software-enabled platform, designed to deliver dedicated services to its small and medium sized business (SMB) customers based on NFV technology at any time, regardless of location.

“With a focus on our customers, CenturyLink is transforming its network to offer businesses quick delivery of reliable and automated services, and is pushing those services where they are most needed – at the end of our network,” said Aamir Hussain, EVP and CTO at CenturyLink.

“This fundamental architectural shift will enable dynamic delivery of scalable services for customers and provide even more differentiated services in the future.”

CenturyLink recently announced that it plans to begin deploying a range of virtualised data and voice infrastructure services, including customer endpoints.

“By moving virtualised network functions from a hardware appliance to a pure software environment coordinated by Openstack and Nuage Networks , CenturyLink will be able to automate provisioning with a policy-based approach,” said Sunil Khandekar, chief executive at Nuage Networks.

“It also allows CenturyLink to develop, launch and perfect virtualised network services rapidly.”

In April this year, CenturyLink acquired database service provider Orchestrate in a bid to enhance its cloud platform.