Global carriers pick Telarix’s iXLink service to automate trading

03 November 2015 |

Telarix has announced that Roke Telkom and Encore have purchased its iXLink price list automation following the release of its Smart Links service.

Telarix’s Smart Links is an automated trading platform that utilises a carrier’s business intelligence to automate trading between carriers. 

The tool claims to enable carriers to create financially sound buy and sell lists utilising set business rules and data. The lists are then automatically sent to vendors to match opportunities; creating what is said to be a completely automated buying process.

“We’ve been constantly innovating by adding new modules and features in iXLink, automated trading via Smart Links is the latest modules carriers across the globe have asked for,” said Tucker Davidson, VP of global development at Telarix. 

“By purchasing iXLink, Roke Telkom and Encore have positioned themselves to take full advantage of their vendor relationships, including Smart Links."

Roger Sekaziga, CEO of ROKE Telkom views iXLink as a necessary component to its business strategy. 

“We have already seen significant efficiencies from utilising the software and we know our adoption of it makes us much more attractive to our vendors, as Smart Links continues to be embraced we know we are in a great position for growth,” he said.