AMEER extended to Singapore

02 November 2015 |

The Alternative Middle East – Europe Route (AMEER) has entered into phase two of development with an extension into Singapore.

The extended route is now named AMEERS, with the S representing Singapore, and is the result of a partnership with Bharti Airtel.

AMEERS is designed to be a unique cable path connecting the East and the West via the Middle East.

“AMEERS is taking the existing AMEER project, which solves the everlasting connection problems of Europe and the Middle East via a terrestrial hybrid route that avoids the Suez Channel and the current crisis zones by providing protected, low RTD, high-quality services, and extending it to Singapore,” said Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO at Turk Telekom International (TTI) which is part of the AMEER Alliance.

The AMEER Alliance comprises a number of the region’s leading operators, and its members decided on unified commercial conditions for the services over AMEERS. Services will be offered via single points of contact with the same conditions regardless of which member is contacted for an offer.

The alliance has also said it will improve the existing single ring-typology of the route to multi-ring typology in a bid to stay ahead of future demand.

“We are excited about this partnership and extension of AMEER to Singapore,” said Ajay Chitkara, director and CEO of global voice and data at Bharti Airtel.

“This will cater to the growing bandwidth demand in the region by providing a much needed alternate connectivity route between APAC and Europe, significantly improving reach for all customers.”

TTI first revealed plans for the cable’s extension to Singapore in May this year.