Huawei joins global cybersecurity forum

17 April 2015 |

Huawei has become a founding member of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE).

The forum aims to bring together a range of private companies, intergovernmental organisations and governments to work towards ensuring a “free, open and secure cyberspace”.

It will focus on sharing experience and best practice in four areas; cyber security, cybercrime, data protection and e-governance.

“Huawei supports the GFCE’s mission of collaboration to ensure that as societies become increasingly digitised and interconnected, we work together to find ways to minimise the disruptive threat of cyber-criminality,” said John Suffolk, Huawei’s group chief security officer. “We have long advocated for global standards in the area of cyber security. GFCE is, we believe, a key step in the right direction towards that ultimate goal.”

The forum will be consistent with international laws, the Charter of the United Nations and other internationally-recognised conventions.