Stricter user rights rules come into force in Brazil

18 March 2015 |

A set of measures which were approved under Brazil’s telecom users’ bill of rights last year has come into force.

The latest rules – a series of regulations for users’ rights – are designed to improve customer support services provided by telcos.

The six articles of the regulation are said to make more “transparent the conditions for the hiring and provision of telecoms services,” according to Anatel, the country’s regulator.

Under the rules, operators must have a section on their websites where customers can access copies of their contracts as well as detailed information on plans, pricing and voice and data consumption.

The section must also contain records of customers’ past six months of interaction with the company. Phone conversations between the company and customer must be recorded and made available within 10 days if requested.

In addition, companies must enable a comparison tool on their websites whereby customers can identify the most appropriate plan based on their consumption.

Telecoms service providers were among five out of 10 companies most complained about last year in Sao Paolo, according to the latest ranking by Procon-SP, the state’s consumer protection agency.