Q&A: Genaro Garcia Dominguez, CEO, Internexa

16 March 2015 |

Capacity Latam 2015: Genaro Garcia Dominguez, CEO at Internexa, talks to Capacity about what to expect from Latin America this year.

Genaro Garcia340pxWhat are your strategic priorities in Latin America for 2015?

Given that we have developed our regional infrastructure and diversified into new markets, our top priority now is to generate value in mature markets with low entry barriers.


What major trends do you see occurring in the Latin American market this year?

Firstly, we see the need to strengthen network security in order to support the major growth of IoT. We also see an increase in the demand for local content, particularly in the largest countries in the region. 

There will also be an acceleration in the pace of innovation cycles, and in particular we will see the development of applications that utilise Big Data.


What do you hope to achieve by attending Capacity Latam 2015?

To strengthen our relationship with key industry leaders in order to foster new business opportunities.


What are some of the challenges of operating in the Latam market?

One of the major challenges in Latin America right now is related to the increase in purchase power of its population, especially in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Panamá and Brazil.

The demand for mobile broadband is increasing dramatically, as people are changing the way they consume contents from traditional devices to mobile devices. 

We are not only talking about apps that uses big data and IoT but also the consumption of TV, music and video through mobile devices.

This is leading to the vertical integration of different players in the telecoms value chain in Latin America.