Huawei, ONOS and ONF to develop SDN ecosystem

13 March 2015 |

Chinese vendor Huawei has teamed up with Open Network Operating System (ONOS) and Open Networking Foundation (ONF) in a bid to develop an open and innovative SDN industry ecosystem.

SDN is becoming crucial for the transformation of operator network architecture, and Huawei hopes this initiative will help operators accelerate SDN commercialisation.

ONOS claims to be the industry’s first open source SDN control platform, and Huawei’s SDN solutions will support this, with a focus on creating a cohesive, open and programmable SDN network architecture to meet the needs of operators.

 “SDN openness and innovation will be a huge motivator behind industry development, requiring the joint efforts of numerous stakeholders,” said Zha Jun, president of fixed network product line at Huawei, and board member at ONOS.

“Huawei will contribute with operator requirement to the ONOS core architecture. We will enrich southbound and northbound interfaces, and actively provide open source code to support ONOS with adapting to various SDN scenarios and build an open and healthy industry ecosystem.”

Huawei is a founding member of ONOS and have made significant contributions to the organisation’s development.

“ONOS will continuously respond to operator requirements, partner with Huawei to optimise the open source control platform, and promote the openness and healthy development of the industry ecosystem by placing benefits to operators at the forefront,” said Ram Appalaraju, strategy consultant at ONOS.

Huawei opened an R&D centre in Bangalore, India, last month, which will focus on a number of future technologies including SDN.

Last November the vendor announced the successful deployment of what was claimed to be the world’s first transport SDN in partnership with China Telecom.