Orixcom launches managed cloud strategy

10 March 2015 |

Orixcom has unveiled its new managed cloud strategy at Capacity Middle East 2015 today.

The ‘A (Advise), B (Build), C (Co-Operate)’ approach is designed to help customers create, build and operate successful clouds.

The model was developed to support the growing migration of customers to the cloud, and is targeting enterprises and service providers across the region.

“We’ve engaged with many customers to understand how we can bridge this gap and make the cloud journey easier and a success,” said Andrew Grenville, founder and CEO, Orixcom.

“We don’t just sell advice and then walk away, we’ll design and build your entire cloud and then operate it with you, holistically addressing all the areas required for a successful cloud deployment.”

Orixcom is a was Dublin-based operator of connectivity and cloud services for the Middle East and Africa, which was first launched at Capacity Middle East 2013