CSG launches digital services platform

03 March 2015 |

CSG International has today launched CSG Ascendon; a platform designed to enable service providers to transform their operations and capitalise on digital opportunities.

The platform overlays existing business support systems (BSS) and other technology systems, allowing CSPs to launch, scale and monetise digital services such as movies, music, games and home security, without uprooting existing infrastructure.

“Service providers worldwide are seeking a less disruptive way to enter, maintain and compete for position in the digital services market to help them take advantage of immediate opportunities,” said Ken Kennedy, CTO and SVP of product management and software development at CSG International.

“Ascendon reflects a multi-year effort, working with some of the world’s most innovative brands, to deliver digital services through various business models.”

CSG Ascendon offers four solution configurations to support the various stages of digital service evolution.

These include the Evolved Customer, to manage customer relationships, Digital Commerce, to merchandise digital services, Network Commerce, to monetise network assets, and Business Transformation, to enable service providers to continue delivering traditional services alongside the development of new digital solutions.

“CSPs must participate in the fast-growth digital services economy to fuel their growth, moderate the rise of competing services and capture digital services market share,” said Mark Mortensen, program leader at Analysys Mason’s digital economy software strategies practice.

“To become a digital services provider of choice, CSPS need to quickly extend their business infrastructure to support retail and service operations for consumers in the new world, across multiple channels and on any device.”

In December last year, CSG expanded its strategic partnership with DST in Brunei