Telstra extends unified communications offering

02 March 2015 |

Telstra is to extend its unified communications offering through building on an existing collaboration with Cisco.

Under the agreement, Telstra will leverage Cisco’s SDN and NFV solutions to launch virtualised managed network and cloud services.

The services will be based on an open architecture using Cisco’s virtualisation and orchestration software platform, Evolved Services Platform (ESP)

It is said to enable Telstra customers to connect private and public clouds and managed network services through a single portal.

“The new services are a direct response to our customers’ need to rapidly respond to changing market dynamics that pose direct challenges to IT. Increasingly, customers are being asked to adapt to a competitive business environment by quickly developing and implementing differentiated business services in an application-driven, digital economy,” said Telstra’s COO Kate McKenzie.

“As such, they’re sensitive to the need to rapidly innovate and deploy using the cloud in a highly secure and controlled way, but at the same time, reducing and managing costs.”

Meanwhile, Telstra also announced at Mobile World Congress that it will form a partnership with Ericsson to test 5G standards and technologies over the next five years.