Hibernia adds PoP in Ireland

25 November 2014 |

Hibernia Networks has added a PoP at one of TelecityGroup’s Dublin-based data centres in Ireland.

The move marks Hibernia’s fourth PoP in Dublin and its third with Telecity in the Irish capital.

Telecity’s Northwest Business Park facility is home to Ireland’s Internet Neutral Exchange (INEX) facility, and is said to increase Hibernia’s peering and connectivity options.

The PoP will provide Telecity’s customers with access to Hibernia’s Project Kelvin network, a subsea and terrestrial cable directly connecting Northern Ireland with North America and Europe. It will also provide access to the Project Express transatlantic cable system upon completion in September 2015.

“Hibernia’s presence in TelecityGroup’s Northwest Business Park data centre further enhances our dense connectivity options in Dublin. The ever-increasing demand for high-quality communication and applications is driving the need for advanced telecoms infrastructure to host and transmit data, and TelecityGroup’s facility offers the premium power, availability and unrivalled connectivity we need to deliver this,” said Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks.

Earlier this month, Telecity announced its Q3 financial results and claims to be “on track” to meet its 2014 natural revenue target of £343-350 million.