Zayo signs deal with IX Reach

21 November 2014 |

Zayo Group will provide co-location and dark fibre for IX Reach, connecting the wholesale carrier solutions provider’s data centres in the New York and New Jersey areas.

The deal is said to give IX Reach customers access to key US data centres through two four-site New York dark fibre rings.

The agreement will also enable Zayo customers to connect to IX Reach, which provides connectivity into major internet exchanges around the world.

The 15 year deal will also include additional co-location facilities as demand requires over the next two years.

“Our relationship with IX Reach enables us to increase visibility of our network to an extended customer base while delivering the reliable, secure connectivity critical to doing business in a global hub like New York,” said Alastair Kane, European VP for Zayo.

“Zayo customers also benefit from the deal through the opportunity to connect to a broader range of internet exchanges via IX Reach, increasing connectivity options across the globe.”