EXCLUSIVE: US regulation is opening up, says Verizon Digital Media Services

20 November 2014 |

Capacity Asia day 3 – Kyle Okamoto, head of global IP network at Verizon Digital Media Services, has praised US IP transit regulation for becoming more lenient and helping to increase competition in the market.

Speaking at Capacity Asia 2014 in Bangkok this morning, Okamoto said that US regulation is starting to adopt a more hands-off approach.

“Regulation is lessening and creating more competition, which is a great thing given the small space and very specialised industry where everybody knows everybody. I love to see new entrants in the market. Innovation is great and we can all learn from each other,” said Okamoto.

Okamoto's comments formed part of this morning's quick-fire presentations, which also included a speech from Remi Lang, economic affairs officer at ESCAP, focussing on improving pan-regional connectivity.

In June this year, Verizon EdgeCast CDN announced the addition of 20 PoPs across the globe.