Tata Communications reports Q3 growth with financial results

03 November 2014 |

Capacity Europe day 1 – Tata Communications has reported a growth of 1.7% from its core operations for Q3 2014, compared to the same period last year.

Core operations revenue jumped from $710 million in Q3 2013, to $742 million for this year’s period.

The company named data as a continued driver of growth, with its enterprise segment improving 8.3% year-on-year. Its data business also crossed the 20% EBITDA margin milestone.

“Enterprises across geographies are beginning to harness the digital transformation to power their growth trajectories. They are expanding and restructuring their portfolios and service offerings while looking to scale globally,” said Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO at Tata Communications.

“Capitalising on this positive trend in the ICT space, we’ve developed some compelling cloud enablement offerings, all of which, positions us well for future growth. Our recent IZO launch is one we have high hopes for as we take the necessary steps towards making the internet fit-for-business by bringing a new level of predictability and reliability to the public internet that does not exist today.”

Connectivity solutions such as MPLS-VPN and IP transit were key drivers of network services growth, the company said, with unified communications and transformation services helping to push its managed services segment.

Tata Communications has been shortlisted in a number of categories, including Best Asian Wholesale Carrier, for tomorrow's Global Carrier Awards 2014 ceremony in Amsterdam.