Q&A: Stefan Amon, Telekom Austria Group – Momentum with MPLS

03 November 2014 | Kavit Majithia

Capacity Europe day 1 – Telekom Austria Group’s Stefan Amon, director wholesale, talks to Capacity about the advancements of its MPLS services.

Can you tell us about your latest deal to provide managed MPLS services?
Telekom Austria Group will be exclusively provisioning international managed MPLS services to one of the biggest finance industry service companies in the world. The territory for which the project has been won is spread across 24 countries in Europe and the Middle East, with the perspective to grow even more into Europe, including Russia and the CIS countries.

We will deliver almost 1,000 services to this organisation’s end customers, which include banks and financial institutions. The services will be run over single and redundant lines, using more than 21,500 pieces of hardware, such as routers and switches as well as special termination devices.

What benefits will the move bring to your customer?
The benefit for our customer is that it will be consolidating its enterprise connections and receiving better services for a reasonable pricing mechanism.

Our customer is providing advanced applications and services to the financial sector across the world and in order to fulfil its duties, reliable connectivity services are required. These services must be redundant and rugged enough to guarantee a high level of services to its end clients.

By using Telekom Austria Group, the customer is being offered better services in terms of redundancy, SLA and price.

Can you tell us more about your MPLS services?
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) enables connection-oriented transmission of data packages within a connectionless network infrastructure along a signalised path. These transmission services are mainly being used by operators with large transmission networks, which offer voice and data service based on IP. Since the late nineties, MPLS offers the possibility to relieve overloaded routing systems and thus to better utilise available bandwidths of long-distance transmission lines.

Telekom Austria Group Wholesale’s Product Unmanaged MPLS Network is an MPLS-based data transport solution that provides access into Telekom Austria Group´s managed MPLS network. It grants full access to the CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) which enables clients to configure their VPN and services according to their needs.

What other deals have Telekom Austria Group signed recently?
We have recently become a signalling provider to VimpelCom Group, a global telecoms operator with 212 million end customers. Our SS7 signalling service network provides global roaming coverage, connecting more than 800 roaming destinations within 190 countries.

The services also include a variety of options to interconnect, automatically convert SMS to match the destination country coding standards, steering for roaming and GRQ (global roaming quality) reporting and online tracing tool.

And how are plans proceeding to create one of the world’s largest networks?
Telekom Austria Group’s global partnership with América Móvil and KPN International creates one of the world’s largest networks, with 200 PoPs in 47 countries.

The fibre network connection will be established between Miami and Vienna with a back-up between Dallas and Frankfurt. The Telekom Austria Group is one of the first providers to use América Móvil’s new Latin American voice hub in Miami, which will process the entire voice traffic of the company in the future.