Vivo and ISPM to build smart city in Brazil

23 October 2014 | Kavit Majithia

Telefónica’s Brazilian subsidiary Vivo and software management company ISPM have announced a project to turn Aguas de São Pedro in São Paulo into the country’s first smart city.

The project is designed to coincide with the modernisation of the city’s telecoms infrastructure, and the provision of high-speed broadband will be tailored to providing connectivity to citizens, businesses and digital solutions, and to assist in education, health, tourism and public spaces.

ISPM was invited to participate in the project through the delivery of solutions that are designed to manage the quality of services used in the city.

ISPM will provide technical support and maintenance for over 400 remote solutions used across the health and education sectors and the company will also be responsible for service-level management of a range of services using its NetVision IoT platform.

“Our intention is to turn Águas de São Pedro into one of the best cities in Brazil in terms of quality of life, transforming it into an example of the successful application of smart technologies, backed by intelligent management. This initiative is expected to be a flagship that will influence the creation of more smart cities throughout Brazil,” said Washington Tavares, ISPM’s product manager.

The project is expected to strengthen the city’s local economy, and it is designed to encompass a range of applications. This includes intelligent street lighting, automatic lighting of lamps with intelligent controls that will reduce electricity waste.

Another application for smart technology will be the introduction of smart parking solutions, giving real-time information of the availability of parking spaces, offering convenience to citizens, businesses and tourists.

“We also expect the project to provide models for international municipalities and agencies to emulate,” added Tavares “Our experience will help build best-practice models for the future.”