PCCW Global acquires security solutions provider

21 October 2014 |

PCCW Global has acquired European security-as-a-service solutions provider Crypteia Networks, in a bid to defend its customers against new-age security breaches.

Cyber-threats are developing at a pace and now range from data theft and sabotage, right up to organised crime and even cyber-terrorism targeting network infrastructure. Crypteia Networks uses patent-pending technology to help organisations of any size to detect and respond to these emerging threats.

“Existing security solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection systems are insufficient for this new breed of threat,” said Marc Halbfinger, CEO at PCCW Global.

“These traditional perimeter and network security measures rely on the threat having been previously identified and analysed, whereas the new breed of attacker is just that, completely new and never-before-seen.”

The acquisition will see Crypteia continue to operate as a separate brand, but with the added benefit of PCCW Global’s international customer base, for which the operator will also offer Crypteia solutions as part of its managed network services portfolio.

“With the acquisition of Crypteia Networks, PCCW Global can further provide a secure communications channel for customers accessing and protecting their most valuable assets via a service chain of managed network transport and connectivity, content delivery and network security which will become increasingly integrated over time,” Halbfinger added.

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Crypteia has 150 customer installations across Europe, and hopes the acquisition by PCCW Global to help the rapid global expansion of its services.