ZTE and China Telecom to develop eMBMS system for 4G

17 October 2014 | Kavit Majithia

Chinese vendor ZTE has partnered with China Telecom to develop the carrier’s eMBMS system, running on a hybrid 4G LTE network.

China Telecom’s eMBMS service, which was first launched in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi, will be powered by ZTE’s IP RAN technology and is designed to enable smooth mobile video services and voice calls to be diverted simultaneously.

ZTE will deploy its IP RAN Solutions and offer multiple ports, including 10G microwave capabilities. The RAN products will support many multicast technologies, including VLAN/VPLS, IGMP and a range of other multcast solutions.

With an increasing number of 4G LTE solutions now becoming available on the market, carriers are looking to integrate service bearers and large bandwidth to deliver mobile video to users.