du and Nokia Networks complete VoLTE call in Middle East

07 October 2014 |

UAE-based du has partnered with Finland’s Nokia Networks to complete a successful voice-over-LTE call on its commercial network in the Middle East.

du used Nokia’s VoLTE solution and professional services to enable VoLTE-compatible handsets to connect high-definition voice calls in 1-2 seconds, while simultaneously accessing high-speed 4G data services over its LTE network.

Nokia’s VoLTE solution is based on its IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) and it was designed, tested and integrated into du’s LTE network in 80 days; claimed to be the world’s fastest implementation.

“With Nokia’s VoLTE solution, we will be able to use the full potential of LTE mobile broadband technology by ensuring seamless HD voice calls and video over our LTE networks,” said Saleem Al Balooshi, EVP of network development and operations at du.

“We are committed to providing the best mobile broadband experience for our customers, and this has been reconfirmed with this fastest installation and testing of VoLTE services,” he added.

Nokia and du share a longstanding relationship and du hopes to be able to offer HD multimedia services using VoLTE in the near future.

“This achievement underlines our commitment to help du in its initiatives to provide the best VoLTE service experience for its customers, and it further strengthens our continued partnership,” said Tony Awad, head of du customer team at Nokia Networks.

“With its higher spectral efficiency, VoLTE will free up capacity for voice and data services for a better overall customer experience and more efficient use of network resources.”

VoLTE is also designed to reduce operational costs for operators by providing voice and data services on the same LTE network.

In June this year, Nokia Networks’ VoLTE service was implemented in Kuwait in partnership with Zain for the operator’s first ever VoLTE call.