Orange Business Services partners with Tesla Motors

03 October 2014 | Kavit Majithia

Orange Business Services has partnered with electric car specialist Tesla Motors to provide wireless connectivity to a fleet of its vehicles in France.

The companies will offer wireless services to the Tesla Model S vehicles, in a bid to offer a truly connected car experience enabled by Orange’s mobile connectivity.

Orange’s enterprise unit has been an advocate of supporting smart city programs, in addition to supporting sustainable transportation means and there has been a notable surge in the amount of connected and electric cars on the market.

Driven by environmental and social trends, Orange will enable the connectivity through its mobile networks and SIM cards.

Tesla will now be able to offer French customers interactive navigation services, internet radio and web browsing.

“We are excited to bring the connected Model S to our French customers,” said Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s VP of worldwide sales and service. “An excellent customer experience is paramount, and we know this is possible through the quality of the Orange mobile network and the company’s constant pursuit of innovation.”