Ooredoo to launch mobile health clinics in Indonesia

08 September 2014 | Kavit Majithia

Qatari operator Ooredoo is to launch a new wave of mobile health clinics in Indonesia in partnership with the Leo Messi Foundation.

Ooredoo announced a healthcare initiative with the foundation in May this year, and plans are now in place to make the clinics accessible in Indonesia, Myanmar, Algeria and Tunisia.

Both parties said there was an increased focus on the importance of education and healthy living for the communities, and they are designed to provide free services including health checks, dental checks, nutritional advice and vitamin distribution.

“These mobile health clinics are an investment in the future of the communities we serve,” said Sheikh Abdullah Al Thani, chairman, Ooredoo. “I have had the opportunity to see the Mobile Clinics in action. They travel out to remote areas, staffed by medical professionals and volunteers, and actively work with the community to address a range of healthcare issues.”

Ooredoo will also partner with Indosat for the development, and the Indonesian player said it has already established clinics in the country that have treated up to 600,000 people.

“The mobile clinic programme was created as an immediate response to some of the serious health issues facing people in Indonesia’s rural and underserved communities,” said Alexander Rusli, president director and CEO at Indosat. “The extension of the service will teach children the importance of a healthy lifestyle and of disease prevention.”

Ooredoo launched its mobile health clinic in 2013 in partnership with the Leo Messi Foundation and the two organisations have been focussed on providing healthcare across the company’s footprint in south east Asia, the Middle East and north Africa.