NewTelco adds two PoPs in South Africa

27 June 2014 |

NewTelco has launched two additional PoPs with South African data centre provider Teraco Data Environments.

The move is said to enable NewTelco to resell data centre space and offer value-added services.

The company will also be able to customise rack space according to the needs of its customers, and offer connectivity to major internet exchanges such as JINX, NAPAfrica, DE-CIX, AMS-IX or LINX.

“By offering rack space and services from within Teraco’s data centre, NewTelco is lowering the barrier to entry for these providers,” said Eckart Zollner, head of business development at NewTelco South Africa.

“We are able to tailor our solutions to meet the customers’ exact needs, in terms of the amount of rack space required. We also offer equipment procurement services, and will finance, manage and maintain this equipment for customers,” he added.