Zayo extends network services to TalkTalk

12 June 2014 |

Zayo Group has expanded its existing contract with UK operator TalkTalk to include additional network services.

The new contract includes 10G wavelengths within the UK and across Europe, an increase in IP transit service speeds from 30G to 50G, and 10G transatlantic services from London to New York.

The move will also enable TalkTalk to utilise seven new dark fibre circuits on an individual fibre basis over the next few months, according to requirements.

“This new agreement with Zayo enables us to rapidly expand the choice of services we offer to our customers in a flexible way, whilst ensuring cost stability,” said Colin Whitbread, chief network officer for TalkTalk.

The new contract will be delivered by the close of the third quarter of 2014.

Zayo has recently expanded its network in Europe through the acquisition of Geo Networks – which enhanced its presence in the UK – and Neo Telecoms, which strengthened its footprint in France.