SEACOM partners with CDNetworks in Tanzania

11 June 2014 | Kavit Majithia

SEACOM has announced a partnership with content delivery company CDNetworks to deploy content clusters and caching nodes on its pan-African IP network in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The nodes are designed to accelerate and optimise HTTP content, rich media, downloadable files, video music, software updates and other web content requested by operators and ISPs that is accessible through SEACOM’s IP network.

The subsea provider said the upgrade will enable end users to utilise low latency, faster speeds and have access to more reliable services from the web.

“Many of our global customers, such as retail and gaming companies, are looking to reach the growing online population in Africa,” said Jeff Kim, COO US/EMEA, CDNetworks. “With CDNetworks caching technology deployed in SEACOM’s network, African ISPs can now deliver global website content much faster to end users, providing a better online experience.”

SEACOM’s Mark Tinka, head of engineering at the company, added that the partnership is a step in the right direction to improve quality of service across Africa.

“Bringing content to Africa, and making it freely available to all of our existing and growing customer base, means a richer and more rewarding internet experience for them. We shall continue this trend so our customers get the most out of their service with SEACOM,” he said.