SPONSORED Q&A Irwin Fouwels, Expereo: Key trends in enterprise networking

23 May 2014 |

Q&A with Irwin Fouwels, head of global sales at Expereo International, discussing the key trends in enterprise networking and why you should embrace hybrid WAN solutions.

For those who are not familiar with Expereo, can you briefly describe what you do?
Expereo provides managed internet access services in 200+ countries in the world on a wholesale basis. We compliment this with Wifi, internet VPN, managed equipment and related on-site professional services.

As such, we enable our partners to provide hybrid and internet-based networking solutions to their customers. We do this globally, managing 2,500+ providers with multilingual implementation and network operations and finance centres across all regions.

What are the key trends in enterprise networking in Expereo’s view?
The move of data from branch offices to public and virtual private clouds like Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Rackspace and others. The move to hybrid and internet-based WAN solutions, solutions addressing the security considerations around this, and application-based routing within the WAN.

All these go in tandem with the use of cloud-based applications and security solutions. Local internet break-out and offloading of less critical traffic on to the internet, is now not just viable, but simply a required option.

So what is Expereo’s play in all of this?
Expereo is in the business of providing managed internet access anywhere; literally in 200+ countries in the world, enabling access to public, private and virtual private clouds.

We take away the burden of the diverse sourcing arrangements needed to do so – life-cycle service assurance, invoicing and payments to name the obvious one – and we enable technical and service management compliancy on local internet access services across the globe.

Moreover, we enable our partners to retain or capture their customers’ spend on internet access services, increasing not just their share-of-wallet of the customers’ spend on networking solutions, but also the spin-off on required customer-premise equipment, which Expereo also provides and manages globally.

What else is “hot”?
Definitely Wifi. We’re deploying more and more managed Wifi solutions, often with Zscaler adding web security solutions. It is a logical extension of our ability to provide and manage internet access services.

Customers are looking for solutions to provide employee and/or guest-access with a clear separation from their enterprise network. Expereo enables its partners to provide a part or turn-key solution to address such needs, including internet access, Wifi equipment, central authentication, analytics, web security and 24-by-7 support on a global scale.