Adax and Modulo set to upgrade Israeli infrastructure

19 May 2014 | Sophie Donoghue

Adax and Israeli telecoms solutions provider Modulo have announced plans to roll out infrastructure to keep up with Israel’s impending 4G upgrade.

The move is an effort to address a need for increased bandwidth capability in the country as a number of Israeli operators, including Cellcom, plan to launch 4G by the end of the year.

"We see Modulo at the heart of this upcoming technology evolution and through working with Adax we are able to enhance our own offering and add real value and expertise to our customers and the wider market throughout this transition phase,” said Franck Malka, MD of Modulo.

“It has always been our goal to be the finest solutions centre for modern and converged telecoms applications in Israel. Our technical engineering team has good knowledge of the local market and we are considered a trusted advisor by our customers,” he added.

Modulo is aiming to assist local manufacturers and MVNOs with the transition from LTE-generation to LTE-Advanced.

The partnership will see network infrastructure provider Adax deliver intelligence for deep packet inspection and provide a solution to local providers, ensuring that they can bring 4G services to market as fast as possible.

“Adax is very pleased to have partnered with Modulo and to have been involved in the much-needed preparations ahead of the Israeli 4G upgrade,” said Robin Kent, director of Adax Europe. “Although our working relationship is still in its infancy, we are delighted with the close partnership we have developed and look forward to helping Modulo maintain its footing as an outstanding solutions provider.”